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Measuring the Progress of Plants


On Saturday, I went into the garden fairly early.  It was going to be hot and humid (imagine that Minnesota!) and I wanted to make sure all of my plants were in the ground and watered before the mini heat wave came.  Then another bright idea came to me.  I would measure the growth of some of my dye plants to see their growth weekly.  Plus, seeing their growth would allow me to understand how these plants grow, the rate at which they grow, etc.

These are my first measuresments taken on Saturday, June 9th.  The next measurements will be on Saturday, June 16th.  Plants with an * by them were planted by seed.

Anyway, on with the show:

Gypsywort 4.5”
Indigo,   False 9.75”
Dyer’s   Knotweed 8.75”
Dyer’s   Broom 10.75”
Indigofera 2.5”
Baptista   Australis 3”
Amaranthus   Hopi Red Dye #1* 3.5”
#2* 1.5”
#3* 2.75”
Woodruff* 1.5”
Safflower   #1* 8.5”
#2* 7.5”
#3* 9”

Kickstarter Update


Everyone can shout out a great cheer!!!  I have met and surpassed my funding goal for my Kickstarter project. If only it was March!!!  I have spent so much time dreaming about what the garden will look like, and how many hours I am going to spend in it!  I hope that my children will be helpers, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I just have to give BIG, HUGE SHOUTOUTS to all the people who have supported me throughout this process-especially my sister, Andrea Peterson.  Without her initial support, I probably would have never taken this giant leap of faith.  I also have to thank my mom and dad.  I was always SUPER nervous to tell them about my project, but once I did, they supported me as well.

Hopefully by January 2nd, I will have a plan, a 3-D plan of the garden I want to have and the plants in this proposed garden.  I also want to give a list of the colors I am hoping to get out these plants.  Of course this will probably work even better since I have a new enamel pot (given to me by my parents!!!)

I wish that I could express in words how excited I am about this, how absolutely thrilling it is to go on this adventure, one which I am hoping will take me to new places.

Jerome Grant-The Big Reveal


Well, much like getting acceptance or rejection letters from colleges, the smaller the envelope, the smaller the chance of exceptance.  Thus was the case with the Jerome Textile Grant I had applied for.  I am not all that upset about not being picked because I think I have a lot of growing to do as an artist before I can really compete with other artists in the fiber arts field.  I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, and I think I have acknowledged that on more than one occasion.  I have seen through books that I have so much to learn.  I have so much room to grow and develop my skills that I can always return to applying for the grant next year.

Was I pinning all of my hopes on this grant?  Not really.  I think I figured out a few weeks ago that I really couldn’t put myself in contention because of my limited experience.  So many of the other people who had applied in previous years had backgrounds in art, had been educated in art beyond my short high school art classes.  Many of them had shown their art at art shows, been involved in the art community, and had taken steps to improve their craft through participating in various artsy activities.

It is a bummer that I cannot proceed with a grant to help me in exploring new possibilities, but that was the point of my KICKSTARTER project.  I have taken the initiative to create my own artwork, and show it here and to family members.  Hopefully I will soon find myself putting on an art show somewhere soon.  I need to get up the courage, and the time to put together pieces that I am willing and able to show.




I have several people to thank on here as part of my KICKSTARTER project.  I don’t think that I can thank anyone who supports me in any way enough.

My first thank you goes to my husband Mitch’s aunt Diane Loehr.  We do not get to see her and Dave very often because they live in Arizona.  I was very excited to see that she had chosen to back my project because Diane is also a very crafty person.  Hopefully the next time they come to Minnesota, Dave will come and take Mitch fishing (or vice versa!).  Or, maybe we will be able to see them soon.  Diane-THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

My next thank you, (this is in no particular order), is to my cousin Jeannette.  She lives in New York and I really never get to see her.  I can’t even tell you the last exact day that I saw her, but I do know that it had something to do with running.  Jeannette is a super smart woman who is working on a really neat project of her own (the last I heard).  Getting the e-mail from Jeannette was worth more than monetary support because I often do not realize the people in my life who are willing to support me without having to ask!!!  Jeannete-THANK  YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Next comes Michelle Hood.  She came across my project on KICKSTARTER and decided to back my project because she is interested in similar things.  I was pleasantly surprised by having someone I did not know back my project.  I am hoping that I can create a skein of yarn for Michelle that will thank her a thousand times over.  Michelle-THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

I am so thankful to the people who are backing my project with money or in spirit.  Either way, I think that I never realized how much support I actually have in my life.  I often think that I am in this world alone, trying new things without much response from those around.  But then I remember that I am not an amoeba.  I am a person who has human connections whether I realize it or not.  We all do!!!!  I feel a little guilty that it took KICKSTARTER for me to finally figure it out!!!



My first BIG THANK YOU goes out to my aunt Michelle, although she has been known to me as Aunt Shelly.  I am so fortunate to have such wonderful family members!!!!  And she lives in sunny California, so visits are few and far between.  I have thanked her once, but I don’t think I will ever be able to thank any of my backers enough.  So Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!



Last night I took a leap of faith and launched a kickstarter project.  Will it be successful???  I don’t know.  What I do know is this is something that will help me to gain confidence in entering the world of fiber arts.  I feel really weird about asking friends and family members to give me money to start up a project.  I feel really weird about asking for money period, but I suppose if I want to get into business, I am going to have to start somewhere.

Anyway, I launched my kickstarter project.  I would like to start a dye garden in my backyard.  You can view this project at

I did apply for the Jerome Fiber Arts Grant and won’t hear about the outcome until November 28th.  I don’t really expect to be one of their finalists as I see myself more in the infancy stages of becoming a fiber artist rather then the next step above as an emerging fiber artists.  I don’t feel like I even have the right foundation to call myself an artist.

So I would like to start at the basement.  Start with the materials with which I plan to use in my work.  Plus I think the chemistry behind dyeing yarn is incredibly interesting.  I’ve probably said that before, but I am going to say it again!

If you have the time, check out my project.  Give me some feedback.  Anything would be greatly appreciated!!!!