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Getting back into the swing of things.


I have to admit that I let things get away from me for a short time.  Actually nearly a year!  My dye stuff has been collecting nothing but dust, and it is ready to be put to work!  My dye garden has really come to life this summer, although I kind of forgot that several of the plants I put in are actually used only in root form.  It’s kind of a bummer only because I will have to pull out all of these beautiful plants in the fall!  However, I did have a surprising re-seeding of gypsywort, which is supposed to give a dark brown to black color.  I have yet to see actual results, so I guess once the plants are ready, we will all find out!  I also figured out that the amaranthus that I planted last year needed an extra ingredient in order to achieve the red color-it is from Hopi Red Dye seeds.  The plants themselves are really very beautiful.  Pictures will be coming soon!