Circle Tree: Complete, Well sort of


I finally finished hooking my circle tree.  Now I have to put on the finishing touches.  This one is one of my favorites so far.  In a previous post I think I mentioned that the greens seen in this tree are made primarily from buckthorn berries.  I also got green dye, well greenish blue dye from petunia flowers.  I used plums to dye purple, twice.  The darker purple is from the first dye bath and the lighter purple is from the second  The pink is from prarie dock-otherwise known as those ugly brown stalks that dry up right away in the summer-you can see them along the roads in Minnesota, and in parks, on trails, etc.  You get the picture.  I also hand dyed the blue-except I used a chemical dye.  Hopefully by next year at this time, I will have indigofera to dye yarn blue!

One of the yarns that I used in this project I bought from Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista, MN.  Here’s the link to get to their website.  I was pretty hesitant to buy yarn from them primarily because of the price.  I have been buying yarn from Joann Fabrics at 3-5 dollars for a skein.  I would like to eventually buy my wool from a farm like Gale Woods.  I don’t know how likely that is, but????

Anyway, here is two pictures of my circle tree!

The second pictures is a close up of the circles in the tree.  I was definately trying to be extra artsy fartsy with this one!


About jmhaag

It's hard to describe myself without saying things that don't really define me. I don't mean to get all deep and crap, but I am a mom, a wife, a daughter and a sister. I have chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, possibly Lyme disease. But I am so much more then that. I am a creator, an artist, an observer, a person trying to figure it all out while still enjoying life. I am driven to find a purpose meant for me by God, and to live fully in His light and love.

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